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Ukraine: 200,000 children forced to learn in bullet-riddled classrooms

  7th May 2018 Some 200,000 girls and boys in eastern Ukraine are commuting to schools whose classroom walls are often riddled with bullets, and playgrounds scattered with metal remnants of war. That’s according to the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, in a statement released on Friday. “Children are learning in schools with bullet holes in the […]

UN spotlights rainwater recycling, artificial wetlands among ‘green’ solutions to global water crisis

With five billion people at risk of having difficulty accessing adequate water by 2050, finding nature-based solutions, such as China’s rainwater recycling, India’s forest regeneration and Ukraine’s artificial wetlands, is becoming increasingly important, according to a United Nations report released Monday at the world’s largest water-related event in Brazil. “We need new solutions in managing water […]

Deakin University joins with UNAA Victoria to deliver 17 Goals in 2018 program

In 2018, UNAA Victoria has proudly partnered with Deakin University to deliver the 17 Goals in 2018 program of events and activities. Deakin University is a proud signatory to the University Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals. Universities, including Deakin, are in the privileged position of equipping the next generation of leaders, innovators and thinkers to understand […]

‘There is no plan B,’ says Guterres, reiterating UN’s commitment to two-state solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict

After over a century of hostilities including 50 years of continued military occupation, Israelis and Palestinians are still no closer to peace, a United Nations special envoy said on Tuesday, warning that even as many in the region have lost hope for positive change, the enemies of peace are growing more confident by the day. […]

Hailing regional efforts, senior UN official urges Latin America and the Caribbean to continue to protect people on the move

Recognizing Latin American and Caribbean countries as “pioneers” in the protection of refugees and asylum seekers, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees urged the region to bolster its standards even further given the global increase in number of people being driven from their homes. “I encourage those States who have not yet done so, […]