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Study Tours

From 2018, we are running small group Study Tours to UN Headquarters in New York and Geneva.

2018 Tours

Geneva May 20-25
New York October 14-19


Please email if you would like further information or to go on the mailing list for future tours.

A unique opportunity

The United Nations remains one of the most important organisations dedicated to international engagement, but it continues to elicit misunderstanding and controversy. There is a need then to increase the awareness of the positive role that the UN plays in the international community and the contribution it makes to the foreign policy of its member states.

For Australia, the UN represents an opportunity to engage on matters of global concern with countries and develop constructive partnerships with countries with which we have no direct or strategic links. The UN is also the forum where international peace and security, sustainable development, self-determination, and humanitarian assistance are pursued. These are all important issues for Australia.

The UNAA’s core mandate is to inform, inspire and engage all Australians regarding the work, goals, and values of the United Nations. For interested participants, this is an opportunity to engage with sustainable development, economic and social affairs, Indigenous issues, trade, human rights and climate change.

The 2018 tours will be led by Carlisle Richardson, a former ambassador of St Kitts and Nevis to the UN and a former UN Economic Affairs Officer. Carlisle will provide participants with a unique perspective of the inner workings of the UN and links to UN agencies and staff.

 Click here for the Geneva Study Tour Guide