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Status of Women Committee

SOWN Roundtables

Caption: UNAA Status of Women Roundtable, Canberra, September 2017. Credit: Narelle Byrne.

The Status of Women Committee:

  • links UNAA Victoria members working on matters that impact on women’s lives in Australia and internationally and with other UNAA Status of Women Committees and Convenors
  • promotes awareness in Victoria of the role of the UN, its agencies and the UN human rights treaty system, including the work of the Commission on the Status of Women, and periodic reviews under Conventions such as CEDAW, particularly in relation to the situation of the most vulnerable members of the community
  • supports research and advocacy work on matters such as gender equality, and priority issues on the UN agenda as well as Australia’s progress in these areas.
  • encourages liaison between government, researchers and member-based organizations CSOs/NGOs, especially those with ECOSOC status.

Sheila Byard entered into Victorian Honour Roll for Women

In 2017, long-time SOWC organiser Sheila Byard OAM was inducted into the Victorian Honour Roll for Women.

Click here to read about Sheila’s fantastic contribution to Victorian society and women.