Month: February 2024

What is the UN Environment Assembly and why does it matter?

Every two years, all 193 UN Member States have an opportunity to collectively address critical environmental issues facing the planet. This moment is the United Nations Environment Assembly, or UNEA, the sixth edition of which will be held from 26 February to 1 March, in Nairobi, Kenya. Set up as a sort of ‘world parliament on the […]

Global Cybercrime Treaty: A delicate balance between security and human rights

Cybercrime is a multi-trillion-dollar business. Drugs and weapons are being bought on the “dark web”, fraudsters are fleecing members of the public in elaborate online scams, and terrorists are grooming supporters and recruiting fighters.  Recognizing the growing dangers of cybercrime, the UN has set about drafting a legally-binding international treaty to counter the threat. Five years later, […]

New Blog from UNAAV Young Professionals

The UNAAV Young Professionals have started their own blog series on important international issues and events. Here is an excerpt of their first post. Each year, February 20th marks World Day of Social Justice, which was adopted on the 26th of November 2007. This is a day when we are again reminded of the need […]

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Zero waste, more hope in South Sudan

Zero energy light bulbs and sturdy bricks for schools and homes. Some innovative communities in South Sudan are reusing waste in new ways as the world rallies to ban plastic pollution by the year’s end, with help from a small team of experts led by climate and environmental scientist Shazneen Cyrus Gazdar at theUN Mission in South […]

Official Statement by Secretary-General on UNRWA

UN Secretary-General António Guterres on Monday appointed an independent panel to conduct an assessment of the UN agency that assists Palestine refugees, UNRWA, following accusations that several staff were involved in the 7 October attacks against Israel. Full news article can be found here Statment by Antonio Guterres The Secretary-General, in consultation with UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini, […]

Will developing countries benefit from the renewables boom?

Climate and Environment Africa GreenTec Madagascar Installing a clean energy minigrid in Mahavelona, Madagascar Facebook Twitter Print Email 25 January 2024 The UN is helping to ensure that developing countries benefit from clean energy. In Madagascar, a promising initiative is showing the potential of clean electrification to change lives. The technology already exists to bring clean energy to […]