Month: November 2020

The natural environment is also a casualty of war, Guterres warns

UNEP/GRID-Arendal/Tim Freccia An orphaned gorilla released in its new habitat, in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Healthy gorilla populations are becoming increasingly isolated due to habitat loss and conflict across the region.   The UN Secretary-General has called for better management of natural resources and ecosystems, highlighting that doing so could pave a path towards peace in war-torn […]

Ahead of global health assembly, WHO stresses need for solidarity, preparation

University of Oxford/John Cairns Samples are tested by scientists at Oxford University’s Jenner Institute as the development of a vaccine against the coronavirus continues.     The COVID-19 pandemic can be defeated through science, solutions and solidarity, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday, underlining one of its core messages throughout the crisis.  The reminder comes ahead of […]

‘If we invest in health systems, we can bring this virus under control’ – WHO chief

©WHO/Elena Longarini To wear properly, “pull down the mask’s bottom so it covers the mouth and chin”, the World Health Organization says.    Health systems and global preparedness are not only an investment in the future but “the foundation of our response” to today’s COVID-19 health crisis, the head of the UN’s health agency said on […]

Sustainable urbanization critical to COVID-19 recovery, better quality of life

© UN-Habitat/Kirsten Milhahn Members of the Korail Bon Bazar Community Centre in Bangladesh, have supported local families during the COVID-19 pandemic.     Cities will be critical for the world to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and the worst recession for decades, according to the latest report published by UN-Habitat, the UN agency working on urban issues.  The […]