UNAAV and Indian students combine for the SDGs

UNAA Victoria has worked with students from two Indian universities over the past three months while the students undertake SDGs-based internships.

UNAAV acted as a host non-government organisation for the Industry-university partnerships for SDGs program.

Students from Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, Delhi, researched Nature Based and Human Solutions for Tackling Biodiversity Loss, while students from the Centre for Social Sensitivity and Action, Goa Institute of Management, researched A World without Waste: Making the transition to a Circular Economy.

Students researched their topic from the perspective of an allocated UN Member State and then verbally presented the views of their country in an online, mini–Model UN.

For the Biodiversity focused internship, Manini Chawla represented India, Himanshu Ralhan Australia, Sourabh Wadhwa Costa Rica and Sanyam Jain Finland.

From the Goa Institute, India was represented by Aditya Kailas Redij, Germany by Anmol Shukla, Australia by Sreya Sarah Geejo and Rwanda by Maitri Aswal

UNAA Victoria President Professor Ian Howie acted as Secretary-General for the simulations of the UN General Assembly, during which students outlined their country’s position before a moderated discussion.

Goa Institute of Manager Director, Ajit Parulekar congratulated “all participants for the presentations as well as the discussion. This is an excellent initiative that introduces participants to geo-politics, especially those related to climate change.”

Participant Seya Sarah Geejo said it was a “privilege to represent Australia and to propose the amendments along with my fellow member nations. Circularity and international partnership are truly the only way forward for a sustainable future “that leaves no one behind” as rightly stated in the vision for UN SDG goals of Agenda 2030”.