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Model UN Conferences


UNAA Victoria runs Model UN Conferences (MUNC) in schools, universities and workplaces to actively train people in advocacy, debating and global thinking.

Each MUNC debates a topic related to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and develops a “new” UN resolution.





Topics include:
–Achieving Gender Equality: Empowering Women and Girls
–Asylum Seekers and Refugees: A Global Humanitarian Crisis
–Zero Hunger: Addressing Global Poverty and Universal Food Security
–Hear My Voice: Recognising the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
–Combating Climate Change: Committing to Global Action
–Planet Ocean: Protecting the World’s Oceans, Seas and Marine Resources
–Rewrite The Future: Quality Education For All
–Countering Global Terrorism: Addressing War, Conflict and International Security
–Sustainable Cities and Communities: Towards a Resilient Future
–A Responsibility to Protect: Preventing Mass Atrocity Crimes
–A Right to Freedom: Stopping Human Trafficking
–Enough is Enough: Ending Global Violence Against Women and Girls
–Fighting Back: The Global Response to Antimicrobial Resistance
–Wild for Life: Tackling illegal Wildlife Trade

UN Photo/Rick Bajornas
Secretariat Building at United Nations Headquarters

A Model UN Conference is a simulation of the UN General Assembly during which delegates step into the shoes of ambassadors from around the world and discuss contentious global issues – with the aim being to find the best possible solution through dialogue, negotiation and multilateral diplomacy.

“Most of our students would have never encountered a program like this that involves complex thinking, public speaking and group work in such a way that also allows student to explore complex views that they may have not seen before.” Teacher participant, 2015

Watch our Model UN video here

Opportunities for schools

Host a MUNC in your own school or join one nearby.

Our program is aligned with the Victorian curriculum and provides valuable opportunities for students to develop public speaking, debating, creative and critical thinking and teamwork skills.

Opportunities for universities

Give your students an opportunity to exercise global thinking, public speaking and team building skills or invite secondary school students in to experience your university by hosting a MUNC for prospective students in your catchment.

Opportunities for workplaces

Our MUNC program for workplaces is becoming increasingly popular as more and more Victorian companies adopt a more global view and want to provide employees with an opportunity to think more broadly and globally.

This is an exciting alternative to more traditional professional development programs.

Second-Language Model UN Conferences

UNAA Victoria also runs Model UN Conferences in languages other than English. Language Model UN Conferences offer students the opportunity to practice the language they study at VCE level in a realistic international setting, debating global issues with students from other schools. In recent years, conferences have been held in French, German, Indonesian and Italian.

In 2018, with sponsorship from the Victorian Department of Education and Training’s Languages Unit, we are running language-specific Model UN Conferences for VCE language students in Italian, German, French and Indonesian.

Book your own Model UN Conference

Book – or find out more about – a Model UN Conference in your school, university or workplace by emailing Education Program Coordinator, Sally Northfield or call (03) 9607 1363



With the support of the Victorian Department of Education and Training through the Strategic Partnerships Program, UNAAV runs several Model UN Conferences each year in regional and outer suburban government schools and four Model UN Conferences in other languages.

We thank the Victorian Government for its ongoing support of this program.