Climate Collaboration Forum

Climate Action Awards

ActionAwardsLOGOEvery year since 2000, in honour of World Environment Day the United Nations Association of Australia has presented the World Environment Day Awards to individuals, organisations, schools, councils, businesses and media leading the way in environmental innovation Australia wide.

In response to the United Nations 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, the UNAA is promoting the development of a national, inclusive climate management framework.

To coincide with World Environment Day 2017, the UNAA will hold the inaugural Climate Collaboration forum – a full day event designed to provide representatives from all climate stakeholders with an opportunity to:

◊◊  Showcase what they are already doing to mitigate the effect of climate change and adapt to future change

◊◊ Have their leadership and innovation acknowledged through the presentation – over lunch – of the 2017 World Environment Day Awards which, in 2017, will all be linked to climate

◊◊ Take part in expert-led, small group workshops to discuss what collaboration is needed to ensure future, effective action on climate change.

The Awards will be incorporated into the UNAA Climate Collaboration forum and include a new focus on climate management and action.  The awards will highlight work being done by organisations and individuals that will enable Australia to adapt most effectively to expected changes in climate; mitigate the effects of such climate change and help move Australia to net zero emissions by the second half of this century.

Entries are open to all states and territories in Australia. Entries have been EXTENDED until Wednesday April 5, 5pm.