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Climate Action Awards


In response to the United Nations 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, the UNAA is promoting the development of a national, inclusive climate management framework.

To coincide with World Environment Day 2017, the UNAA held a national Climate Collaboration forum on 7 June. Click here for all the details.

The Awards were incorporated into the UNAA Climate Collaboration forum and included a new focus on climate management and action.

The awards highlighted work done by organisations and individuals that will enable Australia to adapt most effectively to expected changes in climate; mitigate the effects of such climate change and help move Australia to net zero emissions by the second half of this century.

View the winners’ media release here: 2017 World Environment Day Award Winners Media Release

In 2018, we have focused our program on the Sustainable Development Goals more generally and, as a result, will not be running these awards.

Visit our SDGs page for further details.


The Climate Action Awards were proudly sponsored by: