Essay Competition Winners

Essay Competition Winners

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations, the UNAA Vic Young Professionals held a competition, seeking opinions on the UN’s achievements through an essay.

The following essays answered the question: What has been the most significant achievement of the UN in the past 75 years, and why? 

Colin Lee

Colin is a procurement and contract management professional with extensive experience in the public sector. He has specialist expertise in the information technology space, having led numerous IT procurement projects. Notably, Colin feels privileged to have been part of a talented multi-disciplinary team that successfully delivered an innovative, once-in-a-generation public hospital project that will continue to benefit the community for decades to come. Colin is passionate about social and sustainable procurement, and its ability to drive and influence positive outcomes in both the public sector, private sector and society as a whole. He is particularly interested in the complex links between government policy, corporate social responsibility and how these elements can be driven at the individual level. 

Lachlan Su

Lachlan Sun is a first-year student currently studying Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Deakin University, as well as the President of Deakin International Affairs Society (DIAS), Treasurer for Deakin Science Club, and a student representative for first year students at Biomedical Science. While having a passion for exploring the wonders of human anatomy and biochemistry, wanting to pursue a career in Medicine, Lachlan is also an avid reader of modern history and shares a deep fascination for international relations and affairs, having studied Global Politics and History during year 11 and became deeply interested in the state of world affairs and Australia’s role in the everchanging global political landscape. As president for DIAS in 2020 Lachlan believes in this turbulent and unpredictable post COVID-19 world, international relations, and the need for multilateral cooperation remains important more than ever. Through DIAS he hopes he could raise more awareness amongst students on global events and decisions by governments both in Australia and around the world as well as the ramifications they have, for good or for the worst, on the world they live in.