The Awards


What is the entry fee? Please view the entry fee breakdown here

Will I receive confirmation of receipt of my entry? Yes. Once you have submitted your entry form online you will receive an email confirmation of your entry. If you do not receive the confirmation email please contact the UNAAV office.

Can I enter the same work in more than one category? Yes. You will need to pay the entry fee for each entry, but there is a discount available for multiple entries.

Can I submit more than one story or segment as a single entry? Yes. Up to three related stories or segments may be submitted in an entry. Please note that this does not include entire publications or entire series. Specific pieces of work must be identified.

Is there a limit on how many categories I can enter? No.

Do I need to pay the entry fee for each entry? Yes. You can receive a multi-entry discount for up to four entries, if all entries are submitted at the same time.

Is there a time frame for work to have been published/broadcast? Yes. All entries must have been published/broadcast in Australian public media sometime between September 2 2017 and September 5 2018.

When will finalists be announced? Finalists will be announced at the conclusion of judging in early October. All finalists will be notified by email.