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SDGs Collaboration Lab

Be part of the first ever UNAA Victoria/Future Business Council SDGS Collaboration Lab – part of UNAA

This half-day interactive collaboration workshop – facilitated like a ‘hack’ workshop – will be a not to be missed opportunity to innovate together, ignite opportunities and form ongoing
strategic partnerships.

The outcome orientation is designed to formulate projects, ideally cross-industry collaboration on innovation with a focus towards driving new product development, new services, and industry solutions, that will include engaging entrepreneurs to help solve industry problems.

UNAA Victoria and Future Business Council are setting the collaborative tone to invite big business and entrepreneurs to unlock creativity and ideation in a workshop to collaborate on projects and enact social innovation across Australia – centred around the SDGs.

> Leadership development for emerging and current leaders
> Innovation strategy development, new ventures and strategic partners
> SDGs acceleration – whether you’re a leader in SDGs or at the start of the journey, this event will enhance your corporate capacity to deliver against the Goals
> Opportunity to build ongoing strategic relationships across industries and with entrepreneurs both to benefit your SDG goals and your broader business objectives
> Corporate participants: You will be a market mover lead participant and get access to economic future trends to gain competitive advantage within your industry
> Entrepreneurs: you will play a key role in provoking thought and be able to pitch your products in response to the problems raised by different participant industries.

Corporate attendees $290/$1000 for teams of four

Entrepreneur attendees $50/Teams of two co-founders $$80