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Global Thermostat – Film Premiere and Panel Discussion

Join us for the Australian premiere of Global Thermostat at the Transitions Film Festival! This special screening on Tuesday 25 February will be followed by a panel discussion involving climate change experts. Stay tuned for an update on the panel speakers!

What if we could engineer the Earth’s climate to stop global warming? 

With global temperatures set to rise to dangerous levels in the near future, Global Thermostat explores cutting-edge, grand-scale proposals to combat global warming through radical interference with the Earth’s climate.

What was once confined to the realm of science-fiction is now the subject of serious scientific research: from artificial forests to stratospheric mirrors that reflect sunlight.

Leading scientists hope these technologies can be used to not only slow climate change down, but to reverse it.

Global Thermostat explores the best man-made interventions, their potential impacts, and their inherent risks for all inhabitants of the Earth, now and in the future.

When: Tuesday 25 February, 6pm-8pm

Where: Cinema Nova, Carlton

Cost: UNAA members $17; General Admission $20

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