Climate Action Awards


  1. ActionAwardsLOGOWhat is the entry fee?
    Entry fees vary depending on the organisation entering. Please see the entry fee breakdown here.
  2. Can I submit my entry by email?
    No. All entries need to be submitted via the online entry form.
  3. Will I receive confirmation of receipt of my entry?
    Once you have submitted your entry form online you will receive an email confirmation of your entry. If you do not receive the confirmation email please contact the UNAA office.
  4. I have won previously, can I re-enter?
    Yes, but your entry will need to be for a new project/initiative. Please ensure you have read the category criteria carefully as the criteria for all categories has changed in 2017.
  5. I have entered previously but was unsuccessful, can I re-enter?
    Yes you can re-enter. You are advised to review your previous entry and demonstrate new information and considerable progress in your new entry. Please ensure you have read the category criteria carefully as the criteria for all categories has changed in 2017.
  6. At what stage of my project should I submit an entry?
    You can enter a project at any stage as long as your submission demonstrates measurable outcomes. Projects still in the planning stage however are not as strong as projects that are further down the track.
  7. Can I enter the same project into more than one category?
    Yes if the project fits the criteria for more than one category it can be entered multiple times. You will need to pay the entry fee for each individual entry and you may need to re-write the submission to adequately address the relevant category criteria.
  8. Is there a limit on how many categories I can enter?
    No there is no limit.
  9. Do I need to pay the entry fee for each entry in different categories?
    Yes. You will need to pay the entry fee for every individual entry.
  10. Will you be announcing finalists in 2017?
    We will not be announcing finalists in 2017. Instead the event will provide a platform for networking and knowledge sharing, so all entrants are encouraged to attend the forum to showcase their work, hear from key note speakers, and participate in the expert led workshops and network and share ideas with other entrants.
  11. Do I have to purchase a ticket to attend the Climate Collaboration Forum?
    All entrants receive one ticket to the Forum’s full day of events which includes the Climate Management Showcase, the Presentation Lunch and the afternoon workshop of your choice. All entrants who also book an exhibition booth will receive two tickets. Additional tickets can be purchased via the UNAAV website for either the full day of events or the Awards lunch only.
  12. When can I book tickets to the Forum?
    Tickets are on sale from Monday January 31 until Wednesday May 24.
  13. Where will the Forum be held?
    The Forum will be held at the Jasper Hotel in Melbourne, on Wednesday June 7 2017.
  14. Is there a prize for winners?
    Winners will receive a trophy and certificate at the Awards Presentation Dinner. They will also be provided with an official winner’s logo for their own marketing use and the UNAA will publicise the winners
  15. Is there a strict word limit for the entry submission?
    Yes you will need to stick to the word limits indicated in the Entry Information Kit. Supporting documents, images, graphs etc do not contribute to the word limit.
  16. Can I self-nominate or does another organisation need to nominate my project?
    You can self-nominate. Most of the entries are self-nominated. You can also enter another organisation’s project or have another organisation enter yours.