Young Professionals Newsletter Archive

Young Professionals Newsletter Archive

The United Nations Association of Australia (Victoria Division) keeps its Young Professionals Network connected with monthly e-newsletters.

Edition 7 | April 2021

This month, we are preparing for our upcoming 2021 UN & Australia Sustainable Partnerships Forum which is happening between Tuesday, 20th April – Wednesday, 21st April 2021. We have a selection of incredible speakers who will be discussing a range of topics, so make sure you grab your tickets here!

We also turn our attention to a discussion of the incarceration epidemic faced by Australia’s First Nations peoples in our latest SDG article, exploring the overrepresentation of First Nations peoples in the Australian prison system.

Edition 6 | November 2020

This month, we conclude our search for the most impressive response to the questions: ‘What is the most significant achievement of the UN over the past 75 years and why? What impact does this have on our lives today?’ Our UN75 competition will close at 11.59pm this Friday 6 November, and we look forward to reviewing our entrants’ 1,000-word essays and 60-90 second videos.

We also turn our attention to ecological threats as bushfire season approaches. On 19 November, a panel of experts will discuss the recently launched Ecological Threats Register 2020, and explore how sustainable partnerships can lead to better ecological outcomes and preserve peace and security.

Edition 5 | September 2020

This month, we learned about how Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade  (DFAT) advances the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and how Young Professionals can pursue a career with DFAT.  We’ve also put together a list of International Career Opportunities within the United Nations and other organisations to support YPs with their professionals development.

Our latest SDG article addresses how our world’s rapidly changed economic conditions, coupled with rising concerns for public health, have forced both economists and politicians to call into question what really matters for the health and wellbeing of a society.

Edition 4 | August 2020

This month we celebrated the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples with an SDG Article from a YP Committee member who migrated to Australia, about her journey towards becoming a First Nations ally.

We also celebrated highly acclaimed Australian documentary In My Blood It Runs with a panel discussion that highlighted the manifold challenges young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples face in striving to reach their potential.

Edition 3 | July 2020

On the 29th of July, we hosted a panel discussion with five industry experts through an online event. The event was a great success, and if you missed it, you will be able to watch it online soon! In the meantime, have a look at the videos linked below to meet our speakers.

We continue our SDG Articles Series. As restrictions come back into our lives we explore the way in which the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting SDG #5: Gender Equality. In particular we look at the surge in intimate partner violence (IPV) that the pandemic has sparked. 

Edition 2 | June 2020

Even though COVID-19 has our international movements restricted, international careers continue to play a vital role in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. On the 29th of July, we will be hosting a panel discussion with five industry experts through an online event – International Careers Webinar.

We continue our SDG Articles Series, as restrictions ease we look to the environmental impacts of human intervention on nature. And with Uni students completing their exams and Victorian state schools returning to face-to-face education, we reflect on the implications of remote online learning.

Edition 1 | May 2020

Many changes have taken place since 2020 began, and the UNAA Victorian Young Professionals Committee has been reflecting on sustainable development in our current state of affairs. We aim to continue providing our YP Network with online events, opportunities and communications to keep our community engaged with UN values and goals over the coming months.