The Climate Collaboration Forum

Climate Management Workshops

2.30pm – 5pm, 7 June 2017

Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth St Melbourne

After the lunch presentation of the World Environment Day Climate Action Awards, Forum participants will have the opportunity to join other climate management practitioners and experts to discuss the collaboration needed to progress the topics below.

A report back, plenary session will be held after the discussions so that all participants can hear the results of all six workshops.

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Workshop A – The Energy Transition: Electricity and Manufacturing


Amandine Denis-Ryan, Acting CEO and Head of Research, Climateworks Australia

Tony Wood, Energy Program Director, Grattan Institute

This discussion will consider ways to work together to improve efficiency, reduce demand; successfully switch to renewables across the electricity and industry sectors.

Workshop B – The Energy Transition: Transport and Building


Antony Sprigg, Chief Executive Officer, Infrastructure Sustainability Council Australia

Eli Court, Implementation Manager, Climateworks Australia

This discussion will consider ways to work together to improve efficiency, reduce demand; successfully switch to renewables across the transport and building sectors.

Workshop C – Managing our land


Dr Sarah Boulter, Research Fellow, National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility

Adam Beaumont, Asia Pacific Regional Director (Interim), FSC International

With almost a quarter of global emissions coming from agriculture and deforestation, what collaboration is needed to ensure sustainable capture of carbon and protection of carbon sinks; how do we reduce agricultural emissions, deforestation and protect biodiversity? How do we adapt management to build opportunities for co-benefits?

Workshop D – Resourcing the change: building capacity for a low carbon future


Peter Castellas, CEO, Carbon Market Institute

Emily Gerrard, Co-head Climate Change Group, Allens

Join this group to discuss how people, skills and markets can help achieve emissions reductions and the Paris Agreement commitments

Workshop E – Mobilising the Community


Dominique La Fontaine, Executive Officer, South East Councils Climate Change Alliance

A second Chair will be announced soon

How can we best work together to enhance understanding; develop and maintain motivation; improve incentives; remove impediments and provide leadership?

Workshop F – Building strong climate cities


Maree Grenfell, Resilient Melbourne Delivery Manager, City of Melbourne

Michael Nolan, Chair, UN Global Compact Cities Programme

We all need to play a role in creating resilience to climate change in our cities and regions – how can we protect and promote community health, safety and amenity; biodiversity; the economy;  agriculture and migration.