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Global Goals Academy


In 2016, UNAAV launched the Global Goals Academy (GGA) – a leadership series to educate and empower action towards achieving the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development (the Global Goals). This series of panel conversations is being delivered by the UNAAV Young Professionals Network.

Coming Up: Refugees and the Global Goals – 28 June

6.30pm – 9.30pm, 28 June

RMIT University, Swanston Academic Building, 445 Swanston St


$30 UNAAV members

$50 Non-members

$20 Students

What does it mean to be a refugee in Australia? This event will open up dialogue to recognise the positive contribution of migrants and refugees and promotes the notion that all human beings should be allowed to fulfill their potential in dignity, equality and a healthy environment.

Come along and hear from our fantastic panel of speakers, including:
–Former refugee Emmanuel, who will tell his story of living in refugee camps in Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe before moving to Hobart at age 19
–Hayley Day, who works for the YSAS (Youth Support + Advocacy Service) Emerging Communities project – an initiative supporting at-risk African born young people in the inner West region
–Girma Seid, a Multicultural Youth Worker with the Centre for Multicultural Youth.

The discussion will be facilitated by UNAA Victoria Board Member, Kerry Boland, Kerry is a member of the Refugee Status Review Tribunal, Nauru and has worked as an international consultant with UN agencies in the field of human rights and protection.

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