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Yemen’s cholera epidemic surpasses half-million suspected cases, UN agency says

15.08.2017 News

More than 500,000 people in Yemen are suspected of having cholera, the United Nations health agency today said, warning that the disease is spreading quickly due to a lack of clean water or health access. “Yemen’s cholera epidemic, currently the largest in the world, has spread rapidly due to deteriorating hygiene and sanitation conditions and disruptions […]

Conflict-affected rural families in Iraq to benefit from mobile cash-transfer technology – UN

Local farmers in Erbil and rural areas of Iraq will be able to restart farming activities with rehabilitated irrigation and other infrastructure. Photo: FAO/Cengiz Yar

Many vulnerable rural families in Iraq will now be able to safely receive income thanks to a newly adopted mobile money transfer technology that is part of a cash-for-work programme to rehabilitate farming infrastructure, according to the United Nations agriculture agency. “The use of mobile technology will streamline the safe delivery of cash transfers to […]

UN report explores ways urbanization can be a catalyst for rural development

Rural produce can boost urban nutrition. Fruit vendors unloading pumpkins at the market in Maradi, Niger. Photo: FAO/Giulio Napolitano

One way to encourage mutually beneficial developments for urban and rural areas alike is to develop value chains and food systems more efficient and inclusive, a United Nations-backed report examining the ‘quiet revolution’ towards sustainable urbanization has found. Meeting the rising urban demand for food can increase the incomes of the rural poor, most of […]

UN aid chief calls for access, funds to prevent spread of South Sudan’s famine


Hundreds of thousands of people in South Sudan will starve unless relief workers gain access to needy populations and more funding is raised, the United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator warned after meeting malnourished children who fled the raging conflict in the country. Stephen O’Brien, who is also the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, travelled to Ganyiel, […]

In a world of plenty, ‘no excuse’ for inaction as millions go hungry in Africa and Yemen – UN chief Guterres


Sounding the alarm on behalf of more than 20 million people in South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and north-east Nigeria facing devastating levels of food insecurity, Secretary-General António Guterres joined other top United Nations officials calling for “strong and urgent” action from the international community to help the already-fragile countries avert catastrophe. “Famine is already a […]

‘Time running out’ for 1.4 million children in ‘man-made’ crises in Africa, Yemen – UNICEF

An 11-month-old child having his arm cirmeasured at a health centre at the Banki IDP camp in Borno state, northeast Nigeria. Photo: UNICEF/Esiebo

Almost 1.4 million children are at imminent risk of death due to severe acute malnutrition this year, as famine threatens in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen, warned the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), urging prompt action to save them. “We can still save many lives. The severe malnutrition and looming famine are largely man-made,” […]