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Protecting indigenous peoples’ rights ‘is protecting everyone’s rights’ – UN

A H/mong hill tribe woman in a village of Sin Chai, Sapa, Viet Nam. Women’s labour accounts for the two-thirds of subsistence agriculture in developing countries, yet they often have no rights over the land. UN Photo/Kibae Park

Ten years after the adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, progress in several countries has been made in formally recognizing indigenous peoples, but overwhelmingly they continue to face discrimination, marginalization and major challenges in enjoying their basic rights. “While indigenous peoples have made significant advancements in advocating for their rights in international […]

On ‘Girls in ICT Day,’ UN agencies encourage girls, women to seek technology careers

Women learning to code at a technology centre in Herat, western Afghanistan. Photo: UNAMA/Fraidoon Poya

United Nations agencies today introduced thousands of girls and women to careers in coding and robotics as part of its annual ‘International Girls in ICT Day’ celebrations around the world, meant to encourage girls and women to pursue careers in the field of information and communications technology. Secretary-General of the UN International Telecommunication Union (ITU) […]

Money migrants send home a ‘critical lifeline’ for one in seven people worldwide

Bundles of Somali shilling notes are seen at a money exchanger’s stall on the streets of the capital Mogadishu. Millions of people in the Horn of Africa nation rely on money sent from their relatives and friends abroad in the form of remittances in order to survive. Photo: AU/UN IST/Stuart Price

Despite the political fire drawn by the ongoing migrant crisis in Europe and beyond, a senior official from the United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) today highlighted the vital development benefit of the nearly half a trillion dollars that migrants send home each year to poor families and countries. “We hear concerns raised […]

‘Learn the lessons of Rwanda,’ says UN chief, calling for a future of tolerance, human rights for all


Marking the twenty-third anniversary of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, during which Hutu and others who opposed the genocide were also killed, United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres said the only way to honour the memory of the victims is to ensure such events never happen again. The 1994 genocide in the East […]

UN calls for recognizing the rights of people with autism to make their own decisions


Ahead of World Autism Awareness Day, the United Nations called for recognizing the rights of people with the spectrum neurological condition, which is believed to affect 70 million people around the world. “Let us ensure that we make available the necessary accommodations and support to persons with autism,” Secretary-General António Guterres said in his message […]