Category: Global Biodiversity

UN agency develops new guidelines to help countries better monitor forest resources

Sustainably managed forests hold vast potential to play a decisive role in ending hunger, improving livelihoods and combating climate change. Photo: FAO/Simon Maina

The United Nations agriculture agency has created new guidelines to help countries develop a strong mechanism to monitor national forest resources. “The demand for reliable, up-to-date and more diverse forestry data and stronger analytical capacities at a national level has grown considerably in recent years,” said Eva Muller, Director of Forestry Policies and Resources Division […]

On Day for Biological Diversity, UN says tourists must protect nature that draws them

Mammoth Hot Springs, in Yellowstone National Park, host thermophilic bacteria which colour the travertine terraces (Wyoming, USA - 2007). UN Photo/EFP

Tourism must not undermine the nature that attracts tourists in the first place, said the head of the United Nations-backed treaty on biological diversity, marking International Day for Biological Diversity. “Tourism grows, so does the risk of harming the environment […] It will be important therefore such developments do not undermine the very natural beauty […]